REF Styling

Ref was started when a team of Swedish hair care professionals, shared the same insight: They found the end consumer was being ignored, confused and misguided. They wanted to solve these problems, They asked :

What could be improved?
What do the customers lack on the market today?
How should the hair care products of tomorrow look?

After intensive work with technicians, and the vigorous testing of hundreds of products and trying many different designs everything fell into place, and REF was born. A complete salon formula product line with an easy-to-understand information system.

In the strive to create REF as the natural choice for the conscious users of tomorrow, it was also made certain that several important aspects of the brand followed the principles and heritage from the country where REF was born.

REF is true to its Swedish origin, both in the production process and in the values of the REF brand and soul.

The reference system for REF products:

HOLD : 012345
SHINE : 012345
VOLUME: 012345