Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Hair Color 118ml (Absinthe)

Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Hair Color 118ml (Absinthe)
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Product Information

The hottest colour brand in the US has landed in the UK!

16 Vibrant and Pastel Semi-Permanent colours that are easier to apply, more vibrant, lasts longer, and fades better.


Conditioner based and so easier to apply
More vibrant, it lasts longer, and it fades better
16 semi-permanent colour shades including clear for pastelisation
Highly pigmented for vibrant results
Fades evenly and true to tone
Incredible conditioning shine thanks to quinoa seed formula base
Lasts 25 to 42 hair washes
Removable with blank canvas
Beautiful fragrance
Cruelty-free, vegan, free of silicones, MEA and parabens