American Crew Precision Blend Colours

American Crew Precision Blend Colours
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Product Information

Contains: 3 x 40ml tubes (Approx 6 Applications)

Provides natural tone on tone grey coverage and is easy to use and apply. Lasts up to 24 washes, with only a 5 minute development time. Developer to be purchased seperately.

2/3 Dark
4/5 Medium Natural
5/6 Medium Ash
7/8 Light


Choose a shade of American Crew Precision Blend that matches your natural hair colour by using the chart below. Then, mix the developer (sold seperately) in a 1:1 ratio with the chosen Shade in a bowl. In general, about 20 ml of colour will be hair that is 1inch long. We recommend American Crew 15 volume Developer (sold seperately) in order to produce optimal results for grey blending.

Apply the colour to your hair following the instructions on the box.

For a natural look, allow grey to peek out at key areas such as sideburns and temples.